At Frost Furniture we use saligna wood and various different kind of exotic timber to achieve the consistent and unique look you desire. After cutting, shaving and sanding, each saligna plank is given a color tone finish of your choice and coated with a UV resistant clear wood sealant or wax. We have four different ranges and six different finishes to choose from.

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Rustic range:
This range only consists of saligna wood.

  • Raw palettes
  • Vegetable crates
  • Wooden boxes
  • A frames
  • Cable barrel tables

Summer range:
This range consists of treated saligna wood.

  • Patio sets
  • Tan chairs
  • Garden chairs
  • Benches/cafeteria tables

Furniture in this range will never look the same, due to the different timber species and natural shapes of timber etc. The vibe will be the same, but the sizes and looks will be different.

  • Coffee tables, tree logs
  • Coffee tables from big slabs
  • TV stands, tree logs
  • Wine holders, tree logs
  • Unique bars, own designs

Infinity furniture:
This furniture also made from saligna wood. Keep in mind that we don’t use rejected wood to create the dramatic finish. We can create unlimited stock of this range.

  • Pallet furniture
  • Pallet beds
  • Pallet bed pedestals
  • Wall cladding, sizes required
  • Coffee tables
  • TV stands/ cupboard
  • Beer pong tables


  • White wash/ Lime wash
  • Dark Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Ebony
  • Raw/clear
  • Color by choice

We also have affordable saligna shavings for sale. This product is a well-known product in the farming and equestrian communities. Shavings do not give off any acidity or fumes, which are harmful to the animals. This product is used as animal bedding at chicken farms, horse stables and poultry farms, to keep the animals dry and comfortable. It’s a dustless saligna wood shaving in medium flake.

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